CCW Course Review Weyer Tactical

ccwpicmini4On 4/6/2013 I attended the CCW course at Weyer Tactical. The course is a 1 day course and starts at 8AM.

The course I attended had 75 students and 1 instructor. That is a 75-1 student to instructor ratio for the classroom portion. For theshooting portion Joe brings in 4 other Police Officers to help with the large number of students for the shooting portion of the class. Joe Weyer is the classroom instructor. Joe is an Ohio Peace Officer Instructor as well as NRA Certified. Joe has a Law Enforcement and Military background.

When you first arrive in the morning you check in at the desk and get your passport photo taken. There is complimentary coffee, doughnuts, pop, and water. You then start the course be sitting down and Joe explains to everyone how to fill out the Ohio CCW application.

The classroom portion of this course covers some very good information such as The Firearm Safety Rules, sympathetic contraction, condition codes of awareness, The Tueller Drill, along with alternate dispute resolution. The laws are thoroughly covered such as the Castle Doctrine. Deadly Force is explained, escalation of force, and the factors that go along with using deadly force.

Right before lunch time the class splits up into two different groups. Half of the class will go to the range and shoot while the other half of the class goes to lunch. The lunch times are from 11:30-12:30 and 1-2. The extra 30 minutes in between is when Joe goes over the parts and function of semiautomatic pistols and revolvers. Safe loading and unloading of both types of firearms are demonstrated prior to going out to the range. The pistols supplied for the course are going to be Smith and Wesson M&P and Ruger LCR. Both are .22 caliber pistols and ammo is also supplied.

The range for this course is outdoors but is covered and you are out of the elements mostly. There are also heaters outside for when it is cold. When you first go outside to the range you will be given disposable hearing protection. You will then notice there are 4 stations set up with one instructor at each station. Two stations have the semiautomatic pistol and two have the revolver. You will first have to show the instructor that you can properly load and unload each type of firearm. The instructors will walk you through step by step. You will then shoot load the firearm up and shoot. You can go through each station as many times as you want.

For lunch there is a dinner next door called Shorty’s that offers a discount to students of the course. There is also some other places to eat in the area such as Burger Hut, Subway, and Burger King that are a little farther away. I would just suggest going over to Shorty’s the food is pretty good and you can get in and out pretty fast and you won’t have to worry about being late back to the classroom.

Overall this is a very good and informative course. The course only costs $65, firearms and ammunition are provided, and they take the passport photo for you. The only thing you will need is a pen and eye protection.

Below you will find links to Weyer Tactical’s Facebook page and website. The address and phone number will also be listed below. Go drop a like on their Facebook page and tell them that Proud Shooters of Ohio sent you.

Address: 11970 North Union Ave Alliance Ohio 44601

Phone: 330-829-2965

I hope everyone has enjoyed this second review. Have a nice weekend everyone.



  1. kyle woid says:

    I took this class in 7/14/13 , this class was absolutely wonderful. Joe is a very knowledgeable instructor and is willing to answer any questions. He made this 1 day 12 hour class a very fun ,enjoyable and filled with an outstanding amount of knowledge. I would recommend Joe’s class to anyone.

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